Wild camping

creation 2020-2021

How far are we ready to go to satisfy our desires, not lose face or even defend our territory?
Dance-theater show aimed at young audiences,
Camping Sauvage addresses the issue of live together in a light tone, without avoiding the roughness of the subject.

A man in search of connection with nature finds a small corner of greenery. He sets up his tent, folding chair and other objects there and is about to savor this moment of peace and communion with nature, when, out of nowhere, arrives another individual who settles nearby.
Between decorum and social mask, the relations are first cordial, but it is without counting on the deep impulses which sleep inside us. When one wishes to take a nap while the other turns on the music, the campsite quickly turns savagery.

What should have been a moment of relaxation then becomes a power struggle, a game of domination, a settling of scores … How far are we ready to go to satisfy our desires, not to lose face or even to defend our territory?
A dance-theater performance aimed at young audiences, Camping Sauvage tackles the issue of living together and cultural diversity in a light tone, without however avoiding the roughness of the subject.

Dance theater show for all ages 6+
Indoor & Outdoor version

On tour
Saison 2024

30.06.2024 : SAUTERELLE Festival Région sonégienne (Be) – Version plein air


Saison 2022

18-19.03.2022 : Théâtre de Namur

12.04.2022 : CC de Mouscron  – Festival Cloche-scène

17.04.2022 : CC de Theux – Festival de Rue Fenêtre sur Cosmos – Outdoor version 35′

3.07.2022 : Festival les TchafornisVersion plein air 35′

04.09.2022 : Toekoer Festival – Hasselt (B)

24.09.2022 : Théâtre de la Balsamine Bruxelles (B)

8.10.2022 : Food for Laughs – Anverse (B)

17.11.2022 : GC Ten Weyngaert – Bruxelles (B)

20.11.2022 : CC de Werf – Aalst – Première flamande!

Saison 2021

12.05.2021 Théâtre Marni dans le cadre du MINI D (B) – Outdoor version 35′

26.06.2021 Charleroi danse – Charleroi danse en vert (B)  Outdoor version 35′

18.08.2021 : 11h & 15h – ParkPoétik Abbaye de Forêt (B) Outdoor version 35′

21.08.2021 : 14h & 18h –Rencontres de Théâtre Jeune Public de Huy (B)

30.11.2021 : CC d’Engis – Noël au Théâtre


Concept & choreography

Maria Clara Villa Lobos

Hippolyte Bohouo
Barthlémy Manias (replacing Tomas Danielis)
Johann Fourrière (in the role of the bear)

Barbara Mavro Thalassitis


Extraits de W. A. Mozart, Mozart & De Courson, J.S. Bach, Edvardsen Grieg, Kevin Mac Leod, Soum Bill, Yayouss dj, Francy DiCaprio …


Gaëtan Bulourde


Emma Laroche

Technical Director

Emma Laroche or Joseph Iavicoli


A show by Compagnie XL Production in co-production with Charleroi Danses and the help of Fédération Wallonie- Bruxelles, Service de la danse, Théâtre Marni & Pierre de Lune.

With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International


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