Sa vie

creation 2023


Inspired by the memoirs of Isadora Duncan (1877-1927), Sa vie depicts the mythical barefoot dancer who revolutionized dance with her free-flowing style, paving the way for modern and contemporary dance…


Created as a theatrical biopic, two female dancer-actresses alternate to bring the story and its various characters to life through text, dance and acting…

Isadora Duncan’s dance is the dance of the ocean. Growing up on the shores of the Pacific, she was disconnected from school and all forms of education, and from an early age learned to dance to the rhythm of the waves!

Nurtured by her taste for ancient Greece, she left her hometown of San Francisco to bring a dance revival to the world and pursue her revolutionary ideal of making art and beauty accessible to all.

Her eventful and whimsical life, punctuated by travel, success and tragedy, her refusal to accept the dictates of the time and her tragic death continue to fascinate and inspire, almost a hundred years after her death. “Sa vie” – Her Life, offers an encounter with this extraordinary personality, a free and wild woman whose ideals and dance still resonate and inspire today.

A theater-dance show for all ages 9+

On tour
Season 2023


26.04.2023 : La Raffinerie – Charleroi Danse – Bruxelles (B) – Première

28.04.2023 : Les Écuries – Charleroi Danse – Charleroi (B)

August 2023 : Rencontre Théâtre Jeune Public – Huy (B)

Concept & choreography

Maria Clara Villa Lobos

Performers and co-creators

Julie Querre
Roxanne Lefebvre


Maria Clara Villa Lobos

Sound and editing

David Quertigniez

Light and video

Joseph Iavicoli

Technical assistant

Sassoun Demirci


Barbara Mavro Thalassitis in collaboration with Maria Clara Villa Lobos

Production coordinator

Flavia Ceglie


A show by the Compagnie XL Production
in coproduction with Charleroi Danses, with the help of the Fédération Wallonie- Bruxelles, Service de la danse.

The show is also supported by the Fabrique de Théâtre, Studio THOR and La Roseraie


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