Sous les pavés… La Terre

Creation 2013

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the events of May 68, the show under the pavements… was taken over in 2018 in a reworked and updated form.

Under the pavements… The Earth – under the pavements… I am. A multidisciplinary spectacle freely inspired by the movements of revolt and protest of May 68 to the present day, where the bodies in presence occupy a central place and this, even in the era of virtual and petitions of all kinds. An explosion of energy between revolt and hope: Dance Bodies.

That lift us up, words that carry, drums-terrestrial percussions that galvanize, sensual and tearing saxophones, charged guitars that ignite. Share with us this contagious pleasure of the bodies gathered in a healthy chaos to reinvent the world, de-chain the words and nourish the Utopia: Truth of Tomorrow?


Maria Clara Villa Lobos


Maria Clara Villa Lobos, Antoine Pedros, Frauke Mariën, Roger Vinas Lopez, Clara Henry


Christine Verschorren


JeanMichel Frère


Michel Debrulle – drums, percussion
Nicolas Dechêne – guitars
Laurent Dehors – saxophones, clarinets, bagpipes, harp
Etienne Plumer – drums, percussion
Stephan Pougin – drums, percussion


Myriam Mollet
Michel Debrulle

Urban poetry

L’Ami Terrien – François Laurent


Claire Renard
Marie Vandepitte


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