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Alex in wasteland

The idea of the title Alex in wasteland, imagined by the choreographer Maria Clara Villa-Lobos, is a nod to Alice in Wonderland, a story published in 1865, by the English author Lewis Caroll, a classic of children’s literature.

Like Alice in the history of Caroll, Little Alex makes a trip in a strange country, that of the dustbins and not that of the wonders. But there are apparently links between these two countries, because the inhabitants of the land of garbage, keep calling little Alex, “Alice”… Would the Wonderland have become 150 years later the land of garbage cans? And in that case, how and why? This is what the show invites the children to discover…


As part of the representations or upstream of these, we offer workshops that aim to give children the opportunity to enter the process of creating the show by crossing certain parts physically with us. They lend themselves as much in the context of school as in the context of public representations.

The workshops are conceived as an introduction to contemporary dance through a playful and creative way. The workshop is built around the various themes present in the show (birth, the discovery of his body, colours, emotions, others).

for kid’s and parents

Waste is everywhere today, present massively in the oceans, beaches, countryside, in the cities… not to mention the toxic waste of factories and landfills that are released into the sea, which invade the groundwater… Why and how did we get there? Why do we produce so much waste? What does society consume?

Since this is a large and complex issue, it seems interesting to us to deepen the reflection around the issues covered in the show, through workshops. Indeed the theme of waste offers many possibilities for workshops, whether in the field of movement, music, plastic arts or awareness of environmental issues.

For example, to make “dance” a plastic bag or to make music with bottles of water and other recovered objects leads us to take another look at these objects that we throw daily and thus to value them. This then makes it possible to address the issue of pollution caused by these objects in order to provoke a reflection and a critical look at the society in which we live.

Children, future adults of tomorrow, will have an essential role to play in the transition to more sustainable and environmentally friendly production and consumption patterns.

The team of the show has a lot of experience in the educational field, Maria Clara giving courses of introduction to contemporary dance to children for many years, Gaspard Herblot regularly giving workshops of beat Box and Body percussion, Max Vandervorst animating workshops for the creation of musical instruments from recovered objects and Isabelle Azaïs and Nousch Ruellan animating plastic arts workshops and creating jewellery and costumes from Waste. The possibilities of combining different activities are numerous and all interesting.

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