M, une pièce moyenne

Creation 2003

“M” addresses, as its name implies, the theme of “medium”: the banal, the standard, the prefabricated, the soap operas and life by simulation.

Reality TV, advertisements, sofa, soft drinks and photo-novels… are just a few starting points. When the dance is confronted with what is not exceptional or unusual, the ordinary takes shape. A plasticised body, body-object, desirable, manipulatable, consumable, foldable, disposable, such as an inflatable doll. The expressions are frozen, the movements stopped, repeated, as guided by an invisible remote. Emotions are also manipulated. Spontaneous or simulated, true or false? The doubt hovers.

The representation of sex by the media also occupies an important place in “M”. It is indeed necessary to be young,

Free and especially sexy, to brag about the merits of a drink, a new model of car or to promote its last tube… These values are essential for “being someone” in our society. A person equipped with a cell phone, even symbol of this “Freedom “, with personalised ringtones and reachable everywhere, at any time.

“M” thus casts a critical and amused glance at the society of consumerism and entertainment, making visible the illusory and hollow aspect of this media-mediated universe without imposing a moral judgement but rather by injecting a good dose of humour and Derision.

Conception & direction

Maria Clara Villa Lobos

Choreography & interpretation

Maria Clara Villa Lobos in collaboration with Denis Robert, Gäetan Bulourde


Vivaldi, Miss Kittin & the Hacker, Bernard Herman 

Sound Editing & assistant

Gaëtan Bulourde

Costumes & scenography

Maria Clara Villa Lobos


60 mins


« Danse en Vol », Théâtre de L’L & XL production with the support of the French Community of Belgium and the RIMC, dance department 

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