Alex in wasteland

Creation 2016

Alex is an eight year old girl living in a developed country. As many girls of her age, she has a lot of toys and things to play with , but being a lonely child, she still gets bored on her own. For what she would really love is a pet, a real animal, not like the dozens of cuddly toys that she has.

On her eight birthday, she receives yet another fake animal, a big white rabbit. At night, deceived and angry, she throws the toy discretely away in the garbage and goes to sleep… Feeling guilty, she suddenly wakes up and as she looks for the thrown rabbit in the garbage can, she falls into it. Strangely the garbage can is very very deep and she keeps falling and falling until she lands on a mountain of waste…

In an imaginary land where waste has spread everywhere, Alex tries desperately to look for her lost toy. During her journey she

will encounter strange creatures and places such as the “Seventh continent”, dancing garbage bags and objects, the “Plastic Bag Monster”, Obese twins, black dripping swans and the King of Wasteland amongst others…

Taking inspiration in the work of visual artists who make a creative use of waste, as well as in Lewis Caroll’s famous story, “Alex in Wasteland” will be a journey into the world of waste and its different aspects, looking not only into the negative sides, but also the creative and transformative ones.

Dance show and visual theatre for all audiences from 6 years old
Duration 70 mins

On tour
Saison 2021-22

22 – 24.09 SN de Vendoeuvre-lès-Nancy (F)

25 – 27.11 Opéra le Grand Avignon (F)

10.12 Foyer Culturel de Beloeil (B)

10 – 17.05 SN Le Tangram (F)

Saison 2020

21.02 Centre Culturel Durbuy (B)

15.03 Foyer Culturel Beloeil (B)

20.03 –  21.03 Salle Allende (F)

28.04 – 30.04 Scène Nationale Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy (F)

Season 2019

06.01 – 07.01 Théâtre de Namur (B)

22.01 Roeselare (B)

24.01 – 25.01 CC Colfontaine (B)

11.02 – 12.02 Théâtre d’Arles, Arles (F)

11.02 – 12.02 Wevelgem (B)

07.03 – 13.03 TOTOTAL Festival Ile de la Réunion (F)

18.03 – 19.03 Blankenberge (B)

23.03 CC d’Ath (B)

31.03 CC de Bertrix (B)

26.04 – 27.04 L’Escapade, Henin-Beaumont (F)

05.06 – 06.06 Le Quartz Festival des déchets, Brest (F)

15.10 – 16.10 Foyer Culturel le Manage (B)

21.11 – 23.11 Scènes de Pays (F)

02.12 – 03.12 Centre Culturel Nivelles (B)

Season 2018

11.02 Krokus Festival Hasselt (B)

15.03 CC de Bogaard (B)

29.03 CC de Comines (B)

15.04 – 16.04 Mons arts de la scène / Focus Demain (B)

24.04 – 27.04 Moment Festival Bruxelles (B)

14.05 – 18.05 Le Tarmac, Paris (F)

10.10 or 24.10 Option Foyer Culturel le Manage (B)

16.10 – 17.10 CC de Verviers (B)

06.11 Turnhout (B)

18.11 – 19.11 Tongeren (B)

24.11 Petite Forêt Festival, Valenciennes (F)

26.11 – 28.11 Heist-o/d-Berg (B)

18.12 – 21.12 Le Rive Gauche, Saint-Etienne-Rouvray (F)

Season 2017

10.01 Centre Culturel de Huy (B)

15.01 – 17.01 De Studio – Villanella Anvers (B)

22.02 – 23.02 Maison des Cultures de Molenbeek (B)
En collaboration avec Pierre de Lune

11.05 – 13.05 Théâtre Marni, Paris (F)
En collaboration avec Pierre de Lune et dans le cadre du Mini D Festival

17.08 Rencontres de théâtre jeune public de Huy (B)

23.09 – 24.09 Bienal SESC de dança, SESC Campinas (Brésil)

12.10 – 13.10 Théâtre de Liège (B)

19.10 CC Stroming (B)

22.10 C-mine cultuurcentrum (B)

24.10 Tempus (B)

04.11 CC Bruges (B)

07.11 CC Het Spoor (B)

10.11 CC de Silly (B)

10.12 Charleroi-Danse dans le cadre du Festival La Chasse aux Étoiles (B)

20.12 – 22.12 La Rose des Vents (F)

Season 2016

26.12 – 27.12 Théâtre Les Tanneurs (B)

Concept & choreography

Maria Clara Villa Lobos

With Clément Thirion, Clara Henry alternating with Viola di Lauro, Gaspard Herblot, Antoine Pedros


Isabelle Azaïs
Assistant scenography / accessoires
Emeline Dedriche


Nousch Ruellan


Max Vandervorst


Antonin De Bemels

Sound sheets, noises

Gaëtan Bulourde


Kevin Sage

General direction

Gaspar Schelck


A project of Cie XL Production in co-production with Théâtre Les Tannuers, Théâtre de Liège and Charleroi-Danses.

XL production has been supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation since 2014.

The show received support from the Resi’danse project, carried by Théâtre Marni & Moonstone. With the support of Studio-Villanella.

Tour manager in Flanders Thassos.

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