Creation 2014

At the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the premiere of “Sacre du Printemps” in Paris, in May 1913, Maria Clara Villa Lobos takes the challenge to give her own dance-theatre version of this historical and major piece of the dance repertory.

The piece was qualified as “Massacre du Printemps” by outraged spectators who were shocked by Nijinsky’s avant-gardistic choreography as well as by the revolutionary aspect of Stravinsky’s music. 

With “MAS-SACRE”, MCVL refers to that page of history in an ironic manner, by taking the idea of « massacre » literally, taking as main subject the production and slaughter of the thousands of animals which are daily killed to feed us. She combines in this way the desire to work on the music of Stravinsky, with the wish to reflect upon this crucial subject and continue her investigation, as previously with XXL, XL and M, of consumer society.

The profit oriented methods of the industrial livestock production system dialogues with the violence present in the music of Stravinsky, in a set that combines projected images with the movements of the performers. These incarnate meat factory workers, in an awkward and comical ballet of flying chickens and synchronised steps, inspired by the machines used in the meat factories. The set created by Frédérique De Montblanc, composed by plastic translucid curtains all around  stage plunges the spectator into the cold atmosphere of a factory, while the video created by Lucas Racasse creates a changing environment that accentuates the immersive experience. A contemporary and provoking approach of this Master piece.

On tour
Season 2016

04.03 L’Onyx, Saint Herblain (F)

10.03 – 11.03 Fabrique de théâtre Bastia, Corse (F)

19.03 Festival Kicks, L’Ancre, Charleroi (B)

30.03 – 31.03 Théâtre Jean Vilar, Suresnes (FR)

13.04 Maison de la culture de Tournai, Tournai (B)

03.04 – 04.04 D-Festival, Théâtre Les Tanneurs, Bruxelles (B)

Season 2015

05.02 aux Halles, Propulse Festival 2015 (B)

30.07 Festival Teatro a Corte, Torino (I)

24.11 Centre culturel Balavoine, Fêtes de la danse, Arques (F)

03.12 – 04.12 Atelier Jean Vilar, Louvain-la-Neuve (B)

Season 2014

12.02 Centre culturel de Huy dans le cadre du Festival Pays de Danses (B)

25.02 – 01.03 Théâtre les Tanneurs, Bruxelles (B)

10.07 – 20.07 Avignon (F)

Conception & choreography

Maria Clara Villa Lobos

With Barthélémy Manias, Coral Ortega, Alberto Velasco & Clément Thirion

Scenography & costumes

Frédérique de Montblanc


Igor Stravinsky

Music analysis & rhythm

Michel Debrulle

Sound editing

Gaëtan Bulourde


Lucas Racasse
assisted by Robin Yerlès


Kevin Sage


Jean-François Dubois


A co-production Maria Clara Villa Lobos / XL Production & Theatre The Tanners.

With the help of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation / Dance Department. With the support of the cultural center of Huy and the Grand Studio. Maria Clara Villa Lobos / XL Production is an artist in residence at Théâtre Les Tanneurs.

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