Creation 2005

After the creation of “XL, because size does matter” (2000), “XL” (2002) and “M, une pièce moyenne” (2003), Maria Clara leads the exploration of the extremes and through our society by tackling the theme of obesity with this solo named “XXL, because big is beautiful”.

Created “tailor-made” for the actress Nathalie Bogaert, this solo is the result of their meeting, a willingness to talk about the same theme, from the point of view of the one who lives it on a daily basis with all constraints, judgments, despair, and then from the point of view of this Who observes it from the outside and tries to understand how obese it becomes.

Obesity is a growing phenomenon in several countries and continents and one of the symptoms of a society every

more sedentary and over-consuming, a company that “created” “big” and then excluded them.

Taking as a starting point a sculpture by American artist Duane Hanson, “XXL” addresses not only this sociological aspect of obesity, but also its plastic aspect, the fascination that it can exert on us, the strange beauty that can be To free from the generosity of the forms but also the distortion, the comic and the grotesque.

Conception & choreography

Maria Clara Villa Lobos

Collaboration & interpretation

Nathalie Bogaert


Bellini & Hank Harry


Isabelle Azaïs & Maria Clara Villa Lobos


Approx 30 mins


Festival Bellones-Brigittines


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