XL, because size does matter

Creation 2000

First of all an aperitif.

On the menu, various hamburgers, milkshakes and desserts inspired by the great “brands” of contemporary Dance: William Forsythe, Trisha Brown, De Keersmaeker… In this MacDo, you just have to choose, you Can dance everything, every style is recognisable. So can we order a “Big mac Stuart”, a “Pina mac Nuggets” or even a “beautiful Sundae”.
After this appetizer, it is in the universe of supermarkets and consumption that plunges XL.
Between musical comedy and Taylorism, his critical and offbeat humour is full-toothed in the illusion of progress, social ascent and Starification, to which the dancer-interpreter caught in the business and the dance industry cannot himself Escape.

In short, canned dance, powder theatre, tube music, ready-to-consume show, without moderation!

Conception & direction

Maria Clara Villa Lobos

Costumes & scenography

Maria Clara Villa Lobos & Gilles Van Thienen


Richard Claydermann, Jerry Goldsmith, Curd Duca & Ludwig Minkus among others


Karin Demedts

In collaboration with

Mioko Yoshihara, Violeta Todo Gonzales, Sonya Biernath,  Denis Robert & Jyrki Haapala


Approx 60 mins


Bruxelles 2000 / in collaboration with P.A.R.T.S., with the support of the European Union and the RIMC

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