Creation 2007

Excerpt from an article published in “Le Monde”

After the success of “M, une pièce moyenne”, during the summer of Winter 2005, Maria Clara Villa-Lobos is back in Avignon! After a “tetralogy of the Unmeasured”, the choreographer continues her investigation into the values, codes and traverses of our society, using a form that is dear to her: the musical. This time she is interested in superheroes (Superman, Wonder Woman, etc,…) as the tangible representation of one of the most disturbing across our society: power.

It is obviously not a question of giving lessons, but rather of wearing an ironic and amused-sometimes bitter-look at this reality of the world. In short, we laugh yellow, but we laugh well, if not crying… “Great!”  Tries to approach the theme of super-power in everything it can generate as derivatives: from the “Super Power” to the Cult of “Super Stars”, from the race to the “super bomb” atomic to the obsession of “super erection” through Viagra.

This “super” piece also refers to the globalised world in which we live where information circulates to a “super speed”, where one can become “super rich and super known” in no time thanks to the super powers of the media and become a “has-been” “In even less time.

A world where Jesus Christ is “super Star”, as well as bin-Laden and the pope. A world divided between super villains and super nice, super terrorists and super terrorised, super strong and super weak, super rich and super poor…

But the idea of “super” is also born of a desire to want to do something, as naïve as it may seem, to react to the ambient manicheism, to “Save the World” as a superhero would do, while being invaded simultaneously by a profound Feeling powerless about what is happening there.

Conception, direction & choreography

Maria Clara Villa Lobos

Choreography & interpretation

Christophe Enclin, Domenico Giustino, Gui Garrido, Marc Iglesias, Susanne Bentley, Tracee Westmoreland & Uiko Watanabe


Hank Harry



Deck Videos

Lucas Racasse / Moyens du Bord


Isabelle Azaïs & Maria Clara Villa Lobos


Approx 65 mins


Théâtre de la Place à Liège


Charleroi-Danses, XL production / Villa-Lobos ASBL, with the support of the French Community of Belgium, Service de la danse, RIMC and SACD Belgium Studio and technical support: La Raffinerie


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